Adam Chambers


"I was supposed to have soccer practice that evening. Dad was going to pick me up afterward - I was the oldest, so I usually waited a little extra while he got my sisters first. But when I went to the soccer field that afternoon, no one showed up. I guess they had canceled it without telling me. I went to the bathroom at the park to put my jeans back on and when I came out... they were there. About a dozen of them, coming across the grass. You could tell they weren't alive. Living people don't walk around like that, all stiff and covered with blood. I didn't think about Dad and Evie and Chris. I just ran as fast as I could. No matter where I went, it seemed like there were dead people in the streets. And when I got to the house, it was locked.

No one else ever came home."


Character SheetEdit

Adam Chambers
Previous Occupation Student
Gender Male Age 14
Smarts 25
Power 30
Speed 45
Finesse 23
Toughness 27
Combat Skills
Assault Weapons 0 Blades 0
Clubs 0 Hand to Hand 0
Pistol 0 Rifle 0
Other Skills
Carpentry 0 Electrical 0
First Aid 0 Interaction 0
Lock Pick 0 Mechanical 0
Medicine 0 Metal-Working 0
Scout 34 Sneak 23
Spot 30