Agatha Marian Chambers, the ex–sheriff of Piety.


Agatha was in jail for gunning down a wheelchair–bound nursing home neighbor who went zombie and lurched out of the chair at her — then she broke out amidst the chaos. She has crazy gun skills, but runs like the 92 year–old lady she is.

"I tried to tell the kids that I didn't want to go to any nursing home. I was only eighty-six, I still had my wits about me - I knew I could still look after myself. But after I took a fall and broke my hip, I lost the argument.

I was only ten years into my retirement at the time. I was the first woman sheriff in this state, and the only woman elected sheriff for nigh on thirty years; you can imagine how I felt about being put into a Geezer Asylum. As it turned out, the place wasn't so bad - at least at first.

You have to understand - being a county sheriff in these parts was never a job for the faint-hearted. We've had drug trafficking through this area ever since they built the interstate, and things always got rough on the wrong side of the tracks. I've seen a whole lot of death, pain and sickness in my day. But what was happening to Henrietta James - that wasn't any ordinary kind of disease. They pumped her full of every kind of antibiotic you can imagine - but the black rot kept spreading through her. And dear God, the things she would say, sitting in that wheelchair alone! Mumbling away and smiling and nodding as if someone was answering back. It made my skin crawl.

One evening there was a storm outside. They had left Henrietta in the common room, and I was watching her when everyone else had gone - for some reason I knew I should keep my eye on her, I just felt it in my bones. And I swear upon my life I saw Henrietta's eyes catch fire, with that eerie death light, as she turned toward me. She got up out of that chair and came for me as if she hadn't spent the last fifteen years with her legs withered to useless sticks. Some kind of uncanny energy moved her across the floor like a marionette.

They locked me up in my own jail. My own deputies had to charge me with murder! Can you believe that? Even as the troubles got worse, and more and more people like Henrietta were on the loose, they couldn't let me go without a trial. Eventually things were so bad they forgot I was even there. I probably would have starved to death in that cell when the last of them was killed, if I hadn't known how to pick the lock."


Character SheetEdit

Agatha Marian Chambers
Previous Occupation County Sheriff ( retired )
Gender Female Age 92
Smarts 38
Power 44
Speed 13
Finesse 25
Toughness 20
Combat Skills
Assault Weapons 22 Blades 15
Clubs 27 Hand to Hand 17
Pistol 46 Rifle 34
Other Skills
Carpentry 0 Electrical 0
First Aid 21 Interaction 32
Lock Pick 35 Mechanical 0
Medicine 0 Metal-Working 0
Scout 32 Sneak 31
Spot 26