Anthony Michael Callahan is Key 5: The Holy Man


These are dark times, Mr. Riley, but we have not been forsaken. There is a Light within us — a Light that watches over us, even in our darkest hours. And that Light is with us now.

Do not be fooled by the Adversary. It hasn't won until we let It win. For all the abominations cast up out of Hell, this demon can't corrupt our bodies unless we allow It into our hearts first. And I've been granted at least a little power to cleanse the wounds of the soul.


Character SheetEdit

Anthony Michael Callahan
Previous Occupation Priest
Gender Male Age 63
Smarts 50
Power 50
Speed 28
Finesse 38
Toughness 25
Combat Skills
Assault Weapons 0 Blades 30
Clubs 26 Hand to Hand 28
Pistol 0 Rifle 0
Other Skills
Carpentry 0 Electrical 0
First Aid 39 Interaction 50
Lock Pick 0 Mechanical 0
Medicine 23 Metal-Working 0
Scout 0 Sneak 0
Spot 43


The Holy Man is capable of Purifying one zombie infection per day. His words give strength and while he is in the fort, no one will desert due to hunger.

Although The Holy Man is normally immune to negative morale effects himself, he will respond to morale effects normally if The Witch is recruited.

He's a good doctor/nurse and he comes equipped with several blessed wine bottles and holy water jugs. His power does not work, he suffers normally to morale loss when wounded.