Fort Zombie Wiki

All skills in Fort Zombie are based on one of these 5 attributes that make up the core statistics of a character. The value of the base attribute will be taken into account when calculating the strength of a skill as a direct bonus to the total percentage.

Example: The base attribute for Metal-Working is Smarts. If a Character has a Smarts score of 20 and a Metal-Working skill of 35, then any test made against that skill will be at an effective 55%.


Skills Carpentry, Electrical, First Aid, Mechanical, Medicine, Metal-Working, Scout, Spot
Description A measure of intelligence and education combined, Smarts is both the ability to retain information and to solve problems.


Skills Interaction
Description A combination of both force of will and spiritual energy.

Power is the most important attribute governing the ability to resist Rot.

Survivors in the game have varying levels of Power, but it should be obvious from the discussion to this point that anyone who remains alive by
the time the events of Fort Zombie are taking place must have a Power which is much higher than the human average once was, prior to the
beginning of the End of the World.


Skills n/a
Description A character's ability to move over terrain.

Characters with a low or impaired Speed may not be able to outrun zombies.


Skills Assault Weapons, Blades, Clubs, Hand to Hand, Pistol, Rifle, Lock Pick, Sneak
Description Finesse is a character's ability to coordinate and control their body.

Finesse is an especially important Attribute for characters who need to use weapons.


Skills n/a
Description A combination of physical size, strength and mass, Toughness determines the ability of a character to withstand damage.

It is also a measure of how far a character is able to run without becoming exhausted.