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The remaining buildings of Piety range from easily defensible to best left alone...

Town Structures[]

There are dozens of town locations to search (stores, restaurants, gas stations, ruins, homes) and countless items to find and use in building up the Fort or supplying your group characters (food, fuel, generators, tools, guns, etc.). Buildings usually come in three stages: intact, looted, and ruined. Buildings in better states will be more likely to provide more of what you're looking for.


  • The Food Library: Look at the back in the frozen food bins for food, as well as along any shelves that still have something on them. You can usually come out with a decent bit if it's not a ruined store.
  • Lucky Ducky Grocery & Meats: Again, look for shelves with goods still on them, as well as display stands for chocolates or jerky. The drink cabinets along the walls can also contain some food.
  • Mr. Foo's Take Out/Cup/Gein's Butcheries/Pastry Shops/Diners: Hit behind the counter; the fridges are usually the best bet but the counters in front can contain food as well.
  • Fast Food Restaurant (name?): The kitchen area occasionally has large food items like ham, salted bacon or pickles; the ruined version of this building has a crashed police car with a dead officer next to it who may have a pistol as well as some ammo.


Homes have one to three floors and usually have two entryways, not counting windows. They often contain few (or no!) zombies. They commonly contain food and occasionally contain ammunition. Because they usually contain few zombies and offer multiple exits, they are excellent places to evade pursuing zombies. Be warned, a few residential houses have been taken over by sizable zombie hordes; these are usually apparent at a moment's examination. Also note that the gas grills and garages behind nicer houses may contain building supplies or fuel for base generators.


  • Field hospitals, the four white sheds with two military trucks outside, usually have one shed dedicated to supplies: one white bench with medkits, etc on it will usually net you a decent number of medical items, while the intact fridge will usually contain a blood pack and some Z sodas. One truck has a stack of MREs which will usually net you a military ration or two, while the other has an ammo crate which can sometimes give you a Lee-Enfield as well as some .303 ammo.
  • Military tents set up in parks often have a nurse or doctor zombie within and also can contain medical supplies.
  • Veterinary Hospitals: The cabinets and first aid kits on the walls will usually net you some medical items.
  • Piety Medical Clinic: The cabinets in the examination rooms have some items on occasion; the vending machines in the front will have some food as well. For both the Veterinary Hospital and the Medical Clinic, you'll often find doctor, nurse, or paramedic zombies inside.
  • Morgan's Drug & Pharmacy: Check along the shelves in the middle of the store for medical supplies; the desk behind the counter sometimes will have an item or two, and the other shelves in the store may have some food.


  • Trigger Guard: Check the desks to the left as you enter; usually you can find some trap components like springs as well as a box of 9mm ammo. Besides the glass cabinet with intact ammo boxes, if the building is in good condition you should check the stacks of green crates along the walls and in the back for other ammo. It's unlikely that you'll ever find a gun here.
  • FUBAR: Besides the T9 crates all over the store, check the counter at the back with the 7.62mm ammo boxes for some 7.62 ammo, the MREs on the shelf on the right as you enter for food (occasionally), and behind the store for another stack of T9 crates as well as the T9 crates in the garage and (if there are any) behind the military trucks parked near the store. A good run to an intact store will usually net you a new weapon or two; just keep an eye out for zombies with guns.
  • Kerberos Productions: this building usually has several desks in it containing medical supplies, some weapons and ammo (often a sword or assault rifle/5.56mm ammo), and a fridge at the back with some food. Be careful when entering; there will usually be at least one military zombie inside. (Kerberos tends to be located next to a water tower if you're looking for one). You can search and take stuffs from outside across the wall. This place is extremely dangerous to get inside.
  • Haymaker's Sporting Goods: Besides the counter in the back right of the store for ammo, a shelf near the camping supplies/canoes sometimes has medical kits or gauze.
  • Military trucks crashed on the road will often have ammunition.


  • Gas Stations (Petrorast, Ecopump, etc): the convenience store will occasionally have food on the shelves in the center, drink cabinets and display stands on the counter, medical supplies or miscellaneous supplies on the shelf near the window, occasionally car batteries or fuel on the shelf in the back, and sometimes (not as often) a power tool in the red toolkit in the garage section.
  • Garage sales: The tables will often net you miscellaneous supplies like fuel, duct tape, bug spray and gas cylinders, while the trunks nearer the house will occasionally have a weapon.
  • Gutter Lanes: Behind the rental counter, the glass case full of bowling balls will usually have one within. On the opposite side, the small food prep area can occasionally have food items. Check the oven for Calzones (which are quite efficient) and the lunch bag for various smaller food items.
  • Body Shop: On one of the shelves in the work area you can find car springs, and in the same area the red toolkits can occasionally have power tools; inside the display stands sometimes have jerky.
  • Churches: These tend to have a lot of zombies within; the altar usually contains some holy water and some blessed wine (which is only worth 1 food unit), making churches usually a bad bet unless you're feeling gutsy.
  • Evil Churches: Instead of an altar and pews, these have a massive pile of bodies and mini-mausoleums inside; will have a good chance of containing a SMG and 9mm ammo.
  • Golden Fences Pawn Shop: Usually you can find some miscellanous items inside; usually duct tape, butcher knives, etc; but sometimes power tools.
  • Theaters often contain some (low quality) food in the lobby and a small number of zombies.
  • Evil Theatres, on the other hand, can contain many worthwhile items. Check the corpse piles for stat-boosting items. One of the display cases can drop Human Hands for Hand-to-Hand bonuses. There is a corpse underneath the stairs to the projector room which drops 9mm ammo and sometimes a 9mm gun.
  • Sometimes you will find several police cars around a couple of crashed black cars. The police cars and dead policemen will have guns and ammo, the crashed car will have one or more Tommy Gun and a lot of Italian food (salami, calzone, pasta). Quite offensive... This is one of the best location in the game.


The game provides 3 large buildings to choose from for a Fort, and these have a noticeable effect on the game's overall difficulty. Different forts will have different initial supplies. The more difficult ones carry a scoring bonus to reflect their trickier situations. All of them dwarf an average home or store, offering room for a fair number of people. You can build blockades anywhere in your Fort.

Police Station[]

The Police Station gives the survivors a 25% health bonus and comes with a Combat Shotgun 75% of the time.


The Prison gives no particular bonuses.


The School gives the zombies a 50% health bonus and does not have a weapon room.


Everyday you can go out for a few missions. There are 3 types of missions: weapons, supplies and survivors. In weapon mission you will probably find some decent Weapon and/or ammunition. In supply missions you will discover a stock of food/medkits/other usefull stuff for your fort. And in survivor missions you will find a friend to travel with!



  • Corrupted Corn Maze
  • Barn with sharp


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