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Starting Hints[]


The single most important attribute in this game is Speed. Set it to 30 and you will be able to outrun zombies. Do not enter full run ( Ctrl ) however unless you know for sure you can regain Stamina behind next corner or door. With speed at 30 you will be able to outrun them at normal run and over long distances. Toughness affects how fast you lose stamina so set it at last to 20.

Reporter is a good starting character choice. Set Speed to 30, Toughness to 25, Finesse to 30 and the rest to 20. Interaction to 35, Spot to 40, Pistol to 25–30. Lower Sneak to minimum as this skill does not seem to be that useful and tends to increase quite fast. Distribute your other points as you see fit but high Scout is handy as it lowers travel time on map ( allowing you to do more missions per day ) and keeps you from zombie ambushes while en route to missions.

Another thing to keep in mind is that larger the gun in your hand, the slower you are. So if you want to stay fast, switch to pistol when running. Strangely you seem to be faster with pistol than barehanded.

The only zombie you cannot outrun is the jogger ( in blue jumpsuit ). Avoid these at the beginning, later use more powerful guns to dispatch them quickly at distance. If you are ever be unfortunate enough to be closely chased by one, use small obstacles like fences, blocks of concrete or cars ( jumping over them ) to stop him for a while.

One of the more successful tactics can be to lure zombies away from places of interest in by letting them chase you and navigating them into places from which they can not get away. Once they lose sight of you, they will head straight back to their starting place and any wall or fence in the way can stop them ( at least in 1.0.4 ). Of course you have to be careful and be aware of the situation else you can run into another zombie just when you turn that final corner hoping to regain stamina. You can also use buildings with back doors for this. Just lure them inside, then exit on the other side.

Starting pistol is very weak, you need some 10–15 shots to get zombie down. Or lucky head shot. So you need to shoot, run away, reload, shoot, run away, reload — make sure you have plenty of room to back up when doing so, where "plenty of room to back up" simply means open space behind you.

Finesse plus Melee[]

If you want to defeat more zombies, increase Finesse and melee weapon skills (club or blade). Hit rate depends on sum of Finesse and each weapon's skill. With high Finesse, most of your attacks hit and zombies without weapons can seldom hurt you. It is nothing to be surrounded by about 5 zombies. You can defeat all the zombies with melee weapons. But you had better not get too close to armed zombies (baseballers, firemen, policemen, soldiers). It is better to use rifles or assault rifles against those.

40 finesse and 40 club or blade and 40 assault rifle are needed for this build. Suggested Occupation is Soldier!

About melee weapons...

  • Club is easy for beginner. Because you can get a crowbar when the game starts. You can use a crowbar all through the game.
  • Blades are much more useful than clubs. But it's not for beginners. You spend much less stamina with sickles and hatchets. No need to worry about ending up 'exhausted' due to your attacks. But until you get a blade, things can be hard.  You can find blades in many missions (not only weapon missions). Or search 'Kerberos' building (next to high water tower). There you may find broad sword, M4 assault rifle and ammo. And 'Golden fences' may have katana.

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