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The most powerful Characters of the game, other than Riley himself, are the Major Arcana or Key Characters. Although a few of these extraordinary individuals may have been native to Piety, Indiana prior to the Troubles, the majority of them appear to have traveled many miles to reach the town, converging from all points of the compass in October of 20--.

All Key characters agree that they had an uncanny sense of urgency which drove them relentlessly until they reached Piety, as if some unknown force compelled them to reach the town in time to join the townspeople in their struggle for survival. It is widely agreed that none of these men and women had any surviving family members of their own.

Several characters in Fort Zombie are special. What they are special for or why they are special is unknown, but they all posses a Power that is unique to them and that will be helpful during the game.

Keys are also known as Major Arcana, to those who are fans of the Tarot. — Erinys

Character In-Game Name Major Arcana Name
0 Daniel Cage The Loser The Fool
1 Hypatia Noether The Scientist The Magician / The Juggler
2 Virginia Thorton The Seer The High Priestess / The Popess
3 Cynthia Geiss The Teacher The Empress
4 Smedly Butler The Veteran The Emperor
5 Anthony Michael Callahan The Holy Man The Hierophant / The Pope
6 Heather Pierson The Beauty Queen The Lovers
7 Benny Wilson The Rat The Chariot
8 or 11 Justice
9 The Hermit
10 Wheel of Fortune
11 or 8 Strength / Fortitude
12 The Hanged Man / The Traitor
13 Death
14 Elizabeth Blackwell The Healer Temperance
15 Morgana Holroyd The Witch The Devil
16 Robert Hunter Wilson The Survivalist The Tower / Fire
17 The Star
18 The Moon
19 The Survivalist The Sun
20 Judgment / The Angel
21 The World

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