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Weapons in Fort Zombie are highly recommended...

Some tips for each category:

Blades - Some of the best melee weapons are in this category. A Survivor with a katana or broadsword can cleave his way through quite a swath of the undead. If you are dedicated to playing an action arcade rather than a survival simulator a high skill in this class is recommended.

Assault Weapons - Flat out the best guns, but can be real ammo hogs. The M4 is the best performer by a small margin and has an oddly high magazine capacity, an excellent choice for Ben. The AK-47 is almost as good (slightly better at close range) and uses a different ammo type to lessent the strain on your ammo stocks. The M-16 and AR-90 are both strictly mediocore, and are not recommended because of the rate they can go through ammo.

Rifles - An excellent choice for Survivor party members: long-ranged, heavy-hitting, and accurate. The Garand is the best all-around, followed by the easily obtained (and having widely available ammo) Lee-Enfield, with the Safari 70 bringing up the rear. Notably the Safari has the longest range, but the tiny magazine and mediocore damage render it the worst choice. Shotguns also fall into this category, and but for slight variation are all of equal value. Either a Lee-Enfield or Shotgun makes an excellent choice for a Survivor without other weapon skills.

Pistols - Nominally a good sidearms, but due to FZ's odd inventory system not really practicable as backup weapons. Best to use these only when other weapons are not available, or given to unskilled Survivors before better weapons are available. Notable exceptions include several Survivors who come to you with very high Pistol skill such as the Poe brothers or Annie Philips. The best pistol is definitely the Deagle brand Deagle, followed by the Colt Python and Glock 22. The Colt Revolver and Glock 21 are mid-range. The 1911, the Beretta, and the Detective Special are the worst though, best just for plinking at lone zombies and running away.

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