David Samuelson wasn't expecting to end up in Piety...


A stranger from a far away land, David Samuel brings only his joy of life and a gift of fermented spirits — a technology thought long beyond his people. Samuel was in Piety spreading the word that indeed New Zealand makes a damn fine single malt whiskey, when the darkness fell all around him. But even this did not crush his spirit and only increased his the need to spread his message among the battered survivors.


Character SheetEdit

David Samuelson
Previous Occupation Construction Worker
Gender Male Age 35
Smarts 40
Power 35
Speed 20
Finesse 20
Toughness 50
Combat Skills
Assault Weapons 0 Blades 15
Clubs 20 Hand to Hand 65
Pistol 0 Rifle 0
Other Skills
Carpentry 50 Electrical 30
First Aid 5 Interaction 0
Lock Pick 0 Mechanical 30
Medicine 0 Metal-Working 25
Scout 0 Sneak 0
Spot 20

There seem to be a few inconsistencies among David — his summary really does say "David Samuel" but his name is in fact "David Samuelson".
Also, he is not a Key, but, like a Key, he is not part of a family. More research is clearly needed.