Fort Zombie DiaryEdit

Ben's diary can be read when the player clicks the End Day button in the base.


I’ve decided to keep this journal as a record of the passing days. I don’t know if this is going to end up being the kind of thing that future generations will read, or just another blood–stained scrap of paper blowing in the wind, but hey — let’s think positive. This notebook could be some kind of historic document someday. At the very least, even if I fail, maybe some other smart monkeys will come along and find it. Then they can read it, figure out where I went wrong, and succeed where I failed.

Anyway. Just in case the kids end up having to study this in school, or the next guy who comes along just happens to be a gal, I’m going to skip the foul language, and go light on the gruesome details. The day may come when ladies and small children won’t necessarily know what a zombie looks like up close. Or what a zombie smells like up close, for that matter. If I can spare them a little of what I’ve been through, I’m glad of it.

Today was my first day inside the Piety city limits. I left my squat on the outskirts of town at dawn, moving as quietly as I could through the streets. The place has been hit pretty hard — there are dead walking everywhere, and plenty of dead that aren’t going to get up again too. There have been fires, but they’ve been self–contained so far. No evidence of the unstoppable wildfire that's tearing through the big cities. Nonetheless, the smell of charred wood and plastic and flesh still hangs thick in the air.

The town is pretty much what I expected. Other looters have tossed the place thoroughly and taken most anything that was in plain sight. Still plenty of goodies if you know how to search for them, though! And there are still survivors here. I see the signs of them everywhere. A fire still smoldering in a trash barrel in the alley. A litter of empty cans with the remains of a cold Kenball dinner still wet on the inside. A dirty mattress with the candle beside it, dragged into a hidden corner in the ruins of an old house and then abandoned. Not to mention the spray paint on the walls...

My mission today was to capture a new base of operations. Soon as I hit the city limits, I headed for the site. It didn’t take too long to clean it out. Must say, it was well worth the trouble. Tonight I’ll have a secure place to sleep for the first time in weeks. And as I suspected, the place has got real potential. Lumber is never going to be a problem!