Edgar James Dunsany


"I was born to be a soldier. Every generation of the Dunsany family has served in the country's military, and we've seen battle in every conflict since the French and Indian War. I suppose it stands to reason that my daughters and I would have front row seats for the last war that the country ever fought - a war bloodier and more terrible even than the Civil War, when two of great-granduncles of mine actually met face to face as Manassas Junction.

I think it's safe to say that we lost. In all honesty, looking back on it? I don't think we ever really had a chance. We were never trained to fight a war like this one. All the people like you - anyone who had a clear vision or an idea of how to handle the situation - was forced to fight on three fronts. There was a full-scale Absolute War against the zombies, and yet another against doctrine. The third was against all the brass buttons and stuffed shirts who thought they knew better.

It's hard to win when you're outnumbered three to one, when the Rot is spreading through your ranks whether your people are bitten or not, when supply lines are cut, communications are jammed and even the sun refuses to rise. We fought, God knows. But the way we fought wasn't the answer. I'm praying to God, Mr. Riley, that you know something we didn't."


Character SheetEdit

Edgar James Dunsany
Previous Occupation Military Officer
Gender Male Age 59
Smarts 39
Power 36
Speed 25
Finesse 33
Toughness 30
Combat Skills
Assault Weapons 40 Blades 20
Clubs 0 Hand to Hand 0
Pistol 38 Rifle 49
Other Skills
Carpentry 0 Electrical 0
First Aid 0 Interaction 30
Lock Pick 0 Mechanical 0
Medicine 0 Metal-Working 0
Scout 40 Sneak 39
Spot 48