Fort Zombie Wiki

You can regain a survivor's health in one of two fashions.

End Day[]

Survivors will heal during the End Day period.

In order to do so, the following criteria must be met:

  • Survivors assigned to either or both of the Doctor and Nurse medical roles
  • Medical Supplies in the Fort Inventory

Note: The survivors assigned to the medical roles are unable to heal themselves as they are too busy working on other injured survivors. A survivor assigned to the Doctor role does heal the survivor assigned to the Nurse role and vice versa.

The two medical roles require different skills:

First Aid[]

Survivors on the Raiding Party can be healed mid-mission provided the following criteria are met:

  • The automatically assigned Team Medic has medical supplies in their inventory
  • The damage is treated within the time limit for doing so

The survivor assigned to the team medic role will be either Ben if he is alone in the party, or the survivor with the highest First Aid skill.

Designators are:

  • The background of the survivor portrait corresponding to the team medic has a red cross on it
  • Wounded survivors will display a small flashing red cross on their survivor portrait to indicate that the damage is treatable by the team medic

Note: As you encounter and recruit new survivors, your designated team medic may change automatically if the new recruits have better First Aid skill.