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The body pile in the corner of the maze, where all the weapons are


This is a random weapon mission in Piety.

In this corrupted maze a body pile lays, the interesting fact is these body haven't actually been looted yet, there may be some valuable things to find.


In this mission, the game requires you to go to a Corrupted Corn Maze and loot the stack of bodies inside of it. This mission can be quite dangerous because of the numerous zombies around, including fire fighter zombies and police zombies which can shoot you, however their time to aim and accuracy is much lower than that of a soldier zombie so you shouldn't have too much of a problem if you have a good gun with good accuracy. Be mindful that the zombies in the maze can climb over the walls, be sure to check other bodies around for a chance to find miscellaneous items. Inside the pile you can find pistols and lots of ammo for them.


The pile contains plenty of ammo for pistols and other goodies, as well as a few pistols like Colt Pythons and Glocks. This weapon pile can be useful as often players go around doing missions using pistols. The other bodies may have stat boosters or other items on them, they are worth checking out.

No exact loot chances for the containers are here yet.