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Mission weapons forest.jpeg


This a random weapon mission in Piety.

At first look it's just an ordinary park you can find in any of your missions, but upon closer inspection you will find supplies hidden in the center of the park.


In this mission there are 3 containers with weapons/ammo and some food - a large trunk, a shoebox and a small toolbox. A shoebox usually is already spotted and you can see a large yellow exclamation mark from afar, which makes it easy to find the trunk, which is right next to the shoebox. Toolbox is a few meters away from the trunk. There will be a fare amount of regular zombies and 1-4 policemen walking right next to supplies, so grab&run tactics are quite risky. Don't forget that zombies, who roam at nearby streets will come to the park, if you make some loud sounds! Like gunshots, for example. They will be there really, really fast.


Aside from common 9mm Beretta and common Lee-Enfield with some ammo, this mission can provide you with decent melee weapon - Machete and decent long-rande rifle M1 Garand, which is usefull to snipe down militia zombies from long distances. If you are lucky you may also find a lot of shotgun ammo and some nice food - Military Rations, Tweex and Z-Energy Drink. Also usually you can find a few 5.56/7.62 ammo.

Trunk02.jpeg Large trunk
Location Park center
Base Spot Chance 95%
Chance Amount
Bat 100% 1
Lee-Enfield with lights 90% 1
M1 Garand 90% 1
.303 Box 90% 1 - 3
5.56 Box 90% 1 - 2
Machete 85% 1
Military Rations 75% 1 - 3
Tweex 65% 1 - 2
12 Gauge Box 50% 1 - 4
Shoebox01.jpg Shoebox
Location Park center
Base Spot Chance 100%
Chance Amount
9mm Beretta 99% 1
9mm Box 99% 1 - 2
.458 Box 75% 2 - 3
9mm Beretta with lights 50% 1

Tool box 01.jpeg Small Toolbox
Location Near park center
Base Spot Chance 95%
Chance Amount
.303 Box 100% 1 - 2
12 Gauge Box 100% 1 - 2
7.62 Box 75% 1 - 2