Fort Zombie Wiki
Preparation is Key!

Everything has a beginning; Fort Zombie begins with Ben Riley's search for a defensible building.

Starting a New Game[]

Character Creation[]

From the Main Menu, select New Game — you will first get to setup Ben's skills and attributes using the Chimera RPG system.. The game comes with a selection of former occupation templates — what Ben was before he turned into a full–time zombie removal technician. Each of these templates comes with pre–set attributes and skills, which dictate Ben's ability to perform certain actions in the game. They are just templates — you can use the minus button to remove a small number of points from a skill or attribute and reassign them somewhere else. Having done that, you can even imagine a new former occupation for Ben, though explaining why a substitute pre–school teacher would have advanced weapons training may be difficult.

Base Selection[]

Once you have set up your character, you can commit by pressing Done — from here you move on to selecting your base — your future Fort Zombie. Each of the three buildings provides a different challenge to defend, with the Police Station being a good beginner Fort, the Prison a good intermediate base, and the School being the biggest challenge.

Select your fort, click Done and your game will begin — you will be offered a short tutorial, and even though you deserve some credit for actually reading this text, it will not hurt to give it a go. You can skip the tutorial in subsequent games if you like, or if you just think you're tough enough to go without.

The choice of which Fort, and thus how difficult the game will be, influences the score for each game.

At this point, it is time to venture into Piety...