Peabody Smith


"The Army and the National Guard locked down the roads once the Troubles got bad. In the end it was impossible to travel with so many people at once; most of the major cities were already burning with infection, and the first big wave had already burst out of the quarantine zone in Florida, rolling up the coast and crushing the juice out of anything in its path. Even if we could have traveled, though, there was no point. Who's going to be in the mood for a carnival or a circus, when everyone is afraid to go out after dark?

It was the saddest thing I ever saw. The whole show just pulled over to the side of the road, and all the trucks and wagons were just... left there. Concession stands, tents, rides, even animal cages... the bearded lady insisted that we open them up to let them all run free, but some of the people argued that you couldn't just turn lose a trained chimpanzee or a lion - some of these animals are dangerous. In the end the trainers stayed to "see to them". They didn't tell us what that meant, and... I didn't want to know.

We went our separate ways then, everyone scattering. It was like breaking up a family. I almost choked up when I had to walk away from my booths, and left them rotting in the rain. I hadn't realized until then that the show had become a home to me. I actually had to stop for a minute to try to remember where else in this world I might belong - where anyone else might want me. In the end I decided to come back here to try and find my Ma and Pa, maybe my brother. I hear he got married a while back, and has a couple of kids.

This is probably going to sound pretty stupid, but - don't suppose you know anyone named Smith?"


Character SheetEdit

Peabody Smith
Previous Occupation Carnival Employee
Gender Male Age 36
Smarts 41
Power 23
Speed 36
Finesse 48
Toughness 33
Combat Skills
Assault Weapons 0 Blades 41
Clubs 36 Hand to Hand 35
Pistol 25 Rifle 0
Other Skills
Carpentry 18 Electrical 16
First Aid 0 Interaction 38
Lock Pick 23 Mechanical 12
Medicine 0 Metal-Working 10
Scout 26 Sneak 37
Spot 45