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One of the three Forts in Fort Zombie.

It is a two–story building with one tiny basement and partial roof access through the second–floor library on the left. The building itself has entrances on all four sides. It is surrounded by a large boundary wall, which features several sizable breaks. The top of the outer wall can be reached at the corner building towers — additionally, the rear wall can be accessed via a ramp from the roof of the building.


The Prison is listed as the medium–difficulty Fort. It provides no statistical bonuses to either survivors or zombies.

The initial zombies are spread lightly through the building and especially cluster at the main entrance and in the cell blocks.


Prisonguns Gun Rack
Location Second floor, front-center Warden's office
Base Spot Chance 95%
Chance Amount
Pump Shotgun 100% 1
12 Gauge Box 100% 1 - 2
12 Gauge Box 75% 1

Prisontoolbox Tool Box
Location First floor, right-side tool shop
Base Spot Chance 90%
Chance Amount
Nails 90% 1 - 2
Spray Paint 90% 1

Prisondryer Clothes Dryer
Location First floor, right-side laundry room
Base Spot Chance 90%
Chance Amount
Fire Hose 100% 1 - 2
Spring 90% 1

Prisonbox Cardboard Box
Location First floor, left-side cafeteria kitchen
Base Spot Chance 80%
Chance Amount
Pizan Pasta 75% 1
Granola Bars 50% 1

PrisonGasCanisters Gas Canisters
Location First floor, rear garage
Base Spot Chance 45%
Chance Amount
Gas Cylinder 75% 1 - 2

Prisondesk Desk
Location Second floor, front-left cubicle in alcove
Base Spot Chance 90%
Chance Amount
Ramen Noodles 85% 1 - 2
Duct Tape 85% 1
Medical Tape 65% 1

Prisonmeds Medicine Cabinet
Location Second floor, left-side infirmary
Base Spot Chance 100%
Chance Amount
Cotton Balls 85% 1 - 2