Robert Hunter Wilson is Key 16: The Survivalist


A great man once said that Specialization is for insects, Mr. Riley. I believed it at the time. I always thought that any human being, man or woman, should be able to do a solid day's work at any task you set them to. Hunt a buck or catch a fish, hammer a nail, build a fire, change the dressing on a wound — I always believed that you had to be ready to do anything to survive. And of course, the most important thing that any man or woman could do to survive was to defend himself and his loved ones from harm with the best weapons available.

I spent most of my adult life preparing for the End of the World. I had built a house that would have stood up to a well–armed platoon, waiting for civilization to collapse. I had a bunker stocked with food and supplies to last out a nuclear winter. I had weapons, ammunition, antibiotics and bandages and morphine — I had a library of manuals on every subject from auto mechanics to home brewing, in case my whole damn species went face first into the dirt. I was proud and I was confident, and the people I wanted to protect and save were right at my side. I had no doubt that in the contest that Darwin once called "the Struggle for Life"? Me and mine would be the winners.

What I forgot — what I never knew — is that the End of the World would be the end of my world. This wasn't the Apocalypse I had bargained for. All the guns and ammo in the world couldn't save Dana and Jason once they started to get sick. And when they turned, all the weapons I'd so carefully hoarded and taught them to use? Were in the hands of whatever demon had made my dead wife and son into its puppets.

I'm carrying three bullets in my body, Mr. Riley. A gift from the woman I once loved. A humbling lesson about a man's place in the scheme of things. I've lost everything I tried to hold onto — and gained something I never wanted. Call it...a sense of perspective.

I tried to stand alone, Mr. Riley. But no man can stand alone against Death. It's only when we stand together that we have any chance at REAL survival.

==Character Sheet==

Robert Hunter Wilson
Previous Occupation Locksmith
Gender Male Age 52
Smarts 35
Power 35
Speed 45
Finesse 50
Toughness 40
Combat Skills
Assault Weapons 40 Blades 25
Clubs 20 Hand to Hand 35
Pistol 65 Rifle 40
Other Skills
Carpentry 15 Electrical 15
First Aid 0 Interaction 0
Lock Pick 50 Mechanical 15
Medicine 0 Metal-Working 15
Scout 40 Sneak 40
Spot 40


The Survivalist is an accomplished warrior proficient in the use of most weapons, and also has a broad base of useful domestic skills. His competence in tactical combat can improve the Finesse of any other survivor within 10 meters of his body. In addition, any survivor who survives a working day in his company, either on an away–mission or in the Fort, has a chance to improve Pistol skill due to his expert training.

None of his powers work.