Smedly Butler, an ex–Marine found in Piety, is Key 4: The Veteran.




I'm here to help. It's all I know, and it's all I need to know. I woke up three weeks ago in Pennsylvania from a dream that I still can't remember. I know that I was speaking to someone, or received a message from someone, a message of great importance...but as I sat up in bed struggling to bring the details back, there was only one that remained clear: Piety, Indiana.

I knew I had to make it to Piety, Indiana.

There was no logic to it, no common sense explanation. I don't know anyone in the state of Indiana, and I've never even traveled through on the freeway for anything except business. I never passed through this part of the state before, and I'd never even heard of this town. Piety wasn't on any modern map, believe me. The last time the state cartographers bothered to mark this little town was 1928.

I had my share of trouble getting here, but I'm not going to bend your ear about that. It was nothing special, and I'm sure that you and I have both seen worse. All I really want to say is this: the minute I laid eyes on you, I knew that you were the one I came here to meet.

You're my new commanding officer, Mr. Riley. And this is what I was called here to do.

Let's get to work.


Character SheetEdit

Smedly Butler
Previous Occupation ex–Marine
Gender Male Age 50
Smarts 38
Power 40
Speed 35
Finesse 50
Toughness 50
Combat Skills
Assault Weapons 45 Blades 25
Clubs 25 Hand to Hand 25
Pistol 40 Rifle 40
Other Skills
Carpentry 0 Electrical 0
First Aid 30 Interaction 35
Lock Pick 0 Mechanical 0
Medicine 0 Metal-Working 0
Scout 35 Sneak 0
Spot 35


During away missions and the Final Battle, The Veteran will increase the toughness stat of any other Survivor within a range of 10 meters of his body, including the player. Once recruited, he can also serve as drill sergeant at the Fort — on any day The Veteran is assigned to the Fort, regardless of what task he is assigned, other survivors will gain 1–5 points of combat skill.

None of his powers work.