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Note: To obtain this Update, download the entire game again from your service provider once they have made Version 1.0.3 available via their service.

Here is the list of fixes, changes and additions to Fort Zombie coming in this first update. Not everything got gotten too, but a lot of the big stuff / quality of life issues have been addressed. No clear cut "AHA!" has been found yet for the wildly different performances on relatively similar higher end machines, but a couple systems were redone from the ground up to be "less fancy / more broadbased" and we will see how that works out in the wild.

The list itself is mostly complete but there will always be a handful of fixes / changes / additions that get through unremarked.


  1. Fixed all known text typos.
  2. Fixed incorrect reputation change report.
  3. Fixed issue where weapon collision hindered npc and player movement.
  4. Various property aspects that hindered movement.
  5. Fixed inventory drag and drop bugs.
  6. Fixed known inventory icon glitches.
  7. Fixed issue where some traps weren't being triggered.
  8. M1 Garand skill fixed.
  9. Various avatar issues.
  10. Fixed known physics crashes.
  11. Sound issues including, non–installation of some sound files and audio Master Volume slider
  12. Various food values changed to correct levels.
  13. Duplicate barricades and traps issue.
  14. Some targeting issues.
  15. Enfield rifle now shoots correctly.
  16. Generators and power tools function correctly


  1. Specific weapon skills have been removed from the character generation option. Only Umbrella Skills can be chosen initially.
  2. Pass through to remove some property items to improve performance on lower end machines.
  3. Partial consumption of food, medical and fuel supplies
  4. Render System changes to combat anomalous slowdowns on some machines
  5. Damage from legs is now passed onto torso when applicable.
  6. Physics now runs single–threaded to eliminate mystery crashes and improve performance due to latency on some burdened systems.
  7. The 'Very High' render quality in options has been removed as it was causing an increase in the number of OutOfVideoMemory exception incidents.
  8. Skill improvements per day capped.
  9. In mission first aid healing
  10. Supplies, food and fuel now consumed incrementally instead of on an item by item basis
  11. Zombie parts now disappear over time to aid lower end machines.
  12. Player avatar is now included in mission roster.
  13. Alterations to make zombie attacks more consistent.


  1. Added stow weapon key (U).
  2. Added additional graphical feedback to inventory drag and drop.
  3. 10+ new standard / mission properties
  4. Disable sound option
  5. Inverted Mouse control option
  6. Various base inventory controls
  7. Added incremental weapon reloading.
  8. 2 new automatic pistols